Lead Free

CMS is now offering Lead Free Assembly for our customers that require RoHS compliant assemblies.
Currently CMS uses the SAC305 (96.5% Tin, 3% Silver, 0.5% Copper) solder alloy for lead free processing for both Surface Mount and Thru Hole Assembly.

CMS will still continue to use leaded solders to service our military, aerospace and high reliability customers.

CMS recommends Electroless Nickle Immersion Gold (ENIG) for a Printed Wiring Board finish plating for maximum storage, durability and Lead Free compatability. Other Lead Free finishes may be used, including immersion silver, tin or OSP protected copper. Use of a high temperature laminate as offered by Isola and others is required for reflow soldering of SMT components. SMT components used for lead free processing should be rated for a peak temperature of 260C minimum. Lower temperature components can be used but may require special soldering procedures. These notes are general guildlines and your product requirements may vary from these recommendations.

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